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Due to our commitment to client confidentiality, we do not process Help[H]er consultation requests via “Connect” webpage or contact through Please see the Care page to request a consultation and fill out the Consultation Intake Form to get started. Completed forms will automatically upload to the admin email account. Our admin will review your information and be in touch within 24-36 hours. A Help[H]er will follow up, and an appointment can be scheduled. Your Help[H]er will arrange for your preferred type of communication (voice or video).
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Darby Strickland & Jill Butler – Expert Contributors

In the Help[H]er ministry, we work with women and churches in multiple types of crises. So this season, we're branching out from talking about abuse to talking with a foster mom, a mother of five .....

Caroline’s Story Part 3

Hello, and welcome back to the Safe to Hope podcast for Episode Five, the Foster Family Care Story. Just as a reminder, I've said this every time but I want to continue to present this .....

Jonathan Holmes – Expert Contributor

At Help[H]er we work with women in churches in multiple types of crises. So this season, we're talking with a foster mom – something new. She's a mother of five beautiful children, and she's a .....


If you are interested in being considered as an EXPERT CONTRIBUTOR on the Safe to Hope podcast, we welcome your request. Please email the and include your name, contact information, and time zone.
If you are interested in sharing as a STORY CONTRIBUTOR on the Safe to Hope podcast, we would be honored to consider your request. Please help us understand your story by including a brief description (500 words or less), along with your contact information, and time zone. Due to the limit of two seasons per year, we are unable to accommodate every request. However, our Voices blog may be another opportunity to share your story.


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Safe in Seminary?

Furthering The Conversation About Background Checks This week’s post is a joint post by Kimrey Dillon with Ann Maree Goudzwaard which came out of a .....

Blinded By the Light

 In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus, who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to .....

The Favor You Enjoy Has an Expiration Date

When I begin helping a woman who is unsure regarding what’s happening in her marriage, I don’t necessarily tell her, “You’re being abused.” I may .....

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Ann Maree Goudzwaard

If you are contacting the Help[H]er ministry in order to speak with Ann Maree regarding a matter other than Advocacy or Training, please email the HH and she will be happy to share your request.


All conversations, including “unofficial” communication (i.e. without a signed Advocacy Agreement) with HHs are governed by a commitment of confidentiality found here. We consider any information you share as highly sensitive and want you to be aware of our commitment and responsibility prior to any conversation.
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Help[H]er Ministry is a nondenominational nonprofit that produces and provides resources for helping women in crisis in Christian organizations.

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