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The Favor You Enjoy Has an Expiration Date

When I begin helping a woman who is unsure regarding what’s happening in her marriage, I don’t necessarily tell her, “You’re being abused.” I may be able to recognize the


He’d laugh and wind my hair in his fist at the nape of my neck, push me up against the wall, or hold me down on the bed. If I


What Women Wish Church Leaders Knew About Domestic Abuse and the Victims (part 2) By the time I got involved in Lisa’s case, she had left her husband seven times.


I’ve already mentioned the day I saw the writing on the wall in my story. It’s that one conversation with my community pastor that still rings in my ears. So


a warning for woman-to-woman caregivers I feel like I’m unwriting a book. When I started writing Help[H]er, I had no idea where it would end up. HH was just a


In 2020, on the brink of a worldwide pandemic, I released a book. On February 6 HelpHer, A Churchwide Response to Women in Crisis made its entrance into the world

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