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Due to our commitment for client confidentiality, we do not process Help[H]er consulting requests via this Connect portal. 

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Common Questions Answered!

If you suspect yourself or anyone else might be in any danger, please immediately call 911.

Whether you suspect you are being abused, or witness someone in a suspicious situation, do not dismiss this awareness. You can inform yourself through a trusted book: Is It Abuse?: A Biblical Guide to Identifying Domestic Abuse and Helping Victims by Help[H]er Board member, Darby Strickland.

You can also familiarize yourself with our Resources.

Help[H]ers are qualified biblical counselors trained in abuse and trauma, however the ministry focus is advocacy for women in crisis. We do not offer post-trauma counseling to process what has happened. 

We recommend connecting with

All offer virtual or onsite (when available) care. Please also consider looking for a licensed, trained professional in your location. When looking for counseling care, see this article for questions to ask. Vetting A Biblical Counselor.


The [H] Institute is one of the Help[H]er initiatives offering online, continuing education for leaders in Christian organizations to be better equipped to care for women in crisis. Our curriculum is created and developed by seminary-trained instructors and taught by experts with many years of experience in the counseling and equipping context. Our course structure provides teaching as well as student interactions.

Help[H]er’s continuing education hours are available to supplement practical and theological understanding for lay, pastoral, biblical counseling care providers in the [H] Institute. [H] Institute courses are available live and digitally (when available) for self-paced work. Help[H]er CEU’s are not accredited for licensed professionals, however we welcome all care providers to participate in our coursework.

Help[H]er offers generalized training for Ministry Partner Christian organization based Help[H]er advocates. 

Help[H]ers are available for consultations to individuals, couples and Christian organizations. Availability depends on the capacity of our Help[H]ers. To request a consultation, see the “Care” tab on our menu and select the option most applicable to your situation. Be sure to fill out an intake form. All conversations are guided by our confidentiality terms, and as with any professional consultation, there is a fee. If this fee prevents you from seeking care, please let us know. Contact Abby at

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