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Our Staff continually develop ideas to equip care-providers.

Safe to Hope is a unique podcast in its purpose, structure, and content. Each Season a storyteller shares their real life experiences and the process of restoration in their lives. Expert Contributors then interact with these stories to provide insight and wisdom for those who provide biblical care.


Voices is a community for sharing experiences, lament, anguish, and joy. The Voices that break through the silence via poetry, articles, and vignettes are presented here to be stewarded both for God’s glory and one-another good. 

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Help[H]er Staff curates an expanding directory of recommended books for care-providers. Topics vary from marriage to emotions; from abuse, to story, to healing. Titles and authors are chosen because of their Christ-centered foundation and their understanding of the human experience.

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[H]ub exists to resource care-providers and Christian organizations with materials dedicated to one-another care and committed to, “Do no harm.” [H]ub publications are grounded in biblical anthropology yet seek to foster further conversation. [H]ub encourages authors to create resources for crisis care that embrace the “life abundant” for which Jesus died. 


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