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Online Certificate Program

One-Another Care

 Spring and Fall Semesters

One of the reasons Help[H]er exists is to provide rich resources that emphasize a biblical understanding of crises and care. Our goal is to produce materials that will assist those who care for women in Christian organizations. Our newest resource is our online course, [H] Institute.


The [H] Institute delivers training for care-providers. Offering one-another care requires the specific knowledge that will respect both the agency and care of women in crisis. A well-informed, seasoned perspective mitigates further trauma and promotes healing.


Our curriculum is created and developed by seminary-trained instructors and taught by experts with many years of experience in the counseling and equipping context. Our online Classroom environment and Student Lounge structure encourages personal interactions.


Passion & Purpose

“A passion for one-another ministry is the foundation for care. Bless you, friend, for your heart of compassion! We’re here to equip you. With the complexity of abuse, it is crucial to gain a robust understanding of God’s view of oppression as well as the damage done to people who live in it.

What would my life be like if I had avoided strangulation? Perhaps uncompromised physical mobility. What would the young me have been like if I had not been under such power and coercion? What does loss of freedom do? I can’t help but think that my life could have been vastly different had a caring AND equipped person identified my abusive situation, helped me navigate toward an escape, and walked me through the restoration process.

Unfortunately, I am not the only one whose life has been altered by domestic violence. Others are experiencing atrocities like mine. But what kind of an impact could a caring and well-equipped person make? I have been helped by the healing principles provided by Help[H]er, and my heart is on a path of restoration through many of the Help[H]er resources. I, like you, want to help others. Let’s make an impact together.”

Anonymous Survivor & Help[H]er Staff

Biblical & Practical

Help[H]er provides resources and training for care-providers. Our materials are developed by utilizing Scripture and broad theological doctrine while simultaneously investigating anthropology from a wide variety of disciplines. At the core of our training is the doctrine of God. The knowledge of who He is and what He’s done provides the framework for all other studies. Participants in these courses will strengthen one-another care practices and grow in their understanding of how Scripture applies practically to the most vulnerable.

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