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The Heart of Domestic Abuse: Gospel Solutions for Men Who Use Control and Violence in the Home

by Chris Moles

Chris Moles’ book, The Heart of Domestic Abuse, is a timely resource for the church today. Moles is a well-known biblical counselor, author, curriculum developer, and course instructor for abusive men and their caregivers. Written especially to equip church leaders and counselors to respond biblically to domestic abuse by men, Moles has expanded The Heart of Domestic Abuse into a 12-week course for abusers and for others who minister to them.

But what kind of book could reach the heart of an abuser given the complicated nature of abuse? This is a massive endeavor indeed. Moles dives into the destructive dynamics of the tactics commonly used by abusers, their entitled perspective, and the anger and insecurity that often dwells deep in their hearts. Moles uncovers the covert nature of abusers as they show patterns of targeting one individual while charming everyone else.

He also invites his readers to examine the impact of domestic abuse. With the insight gained by pastors, church leaders, and counselors, they will be better equipped to listen to victims from a more knowledgeable stance as they get a grasp of the covert nature of abuse. They can shepherd victims in a Christ-like manner as they understand the inner and sometimes outer wounds inflicted on the recipients.

For church leaders and Christian men, The Heart of Domestic Abuse is an essential resource, offering practical guidance and a biblical perspective on addressing abuse within the church community. It is a call to action—a reminder of our responsibility to stand up for justice and extend the love and compassion of Christ to those in need.

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