Voices Break Silence.

Whispering. Roaring. Unwavering.

A Woman’s Voice

God gave me life
He gave me a voice
God gave me a purpose
To live for Him
Have you lost your voice?
I did…

Did the man called to love you

…take it?
The man took mine
Little by little
I was smothered…silenced
With fear and shame
Were you?
God didn’t want this
For me
He doesn’t want this
For you
God gave us breath
And a voice
Through the Holy Spirit
In your weakness
Call on God for strength
To open your door
Bring your story to light
Your work will be hard
But…trusting God
With Jesus at your right hand
His steadfast love…sure
God’s life-giving Spirit
Will give you a new voice
As He did…for me
To be…whole again
To God be the Glory

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