Father…I remember when The little girl called out to you She was sad Missing her mother You heard her And dried her tears Father…I remember when The little girl grew to be A young woman…full of joy Loving this life,…


In this world God’s people Will have suffering God will give us grace to… Endure…patiently When wrong seems right And right seems wrong God calls us to speak truth and Endure…patiently When there was abuse and fear…I Endured…patiently If painful…

Forever Green 

I see the little girl A sweet memory God gave her Jesus Playing, full of joy Running through corn fields Singing, laughing, flourishing Forever green There she is, a young woman God gave her a heart of caring Her roots…

What Happened When I Told

He’d laugh and wind my hair in his fist at the nape of my neck, push me up against the wall, or hold me down on the bed. If I moved my head it felt as if my neck would…

Tell It To The Lord

Another one down Can you hear them now? Too bad, so sad Why did she think she could do that anyhow? And the tears may fall While they turn away What they refuse to see He knows intimately, he carried…

What I Learned from Love

Love was blind for a long time, Minimize and rationalize all the lies. Objects hurling through the air. Words came flying by. I didn’t see them but I could feel when they hit, They hurt when they came. Sometimes a…

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